Bio / History

Growin’ up, gaining skills, learning about life, friendships and honesty.
My brother Rick and I grew up close. Always venturing off, or getting in some kind of trouble, but we were good kids at heart. We grew up in the 50’s & 60’s in our notorious beach town of Ocean Beach, CA. We spent all our summers on the beach. Most of our friends were great guys, but among our acquaintances were some very questionable individuals. Some were misfits, socially challenged, deviates, common thieves, plain troublemakers and born fighters. We unofficially labeled ourselves as the “OB Longhorns”. The stories are endless, there will be a book someday, I’m sure. Some guys actually achieved something; A circuit judge in Markleeville, a Caterpillar Corp. V.P., Charger football players, World Surfing Champion 1960, Singers & Bands, Professors, Self made millionaires and entrepreneurs.

In 1970 we moved to South Lake Tahoe and rented a small store by the “Y”. We set up a sign and silk screen business and hung out a handmade wooden sign “Nordic Arts”, named after our Viking heritage. It was solid and now hangs in my backyard. We had problems getting our first ever business going . . . but without regular hours, no organization, and two dogs that barked at customers, what did we expect!

Some hometown OB boys lived in Tahoe City and ran the infamous Hearthstone Restaurant & Bar, back when a Jeffrey Pine grew in the street. We visited them too often, but it was always a good time. In the south shore we had a cousin who’d meet us at the casinos. Back then, open beers were OK so we’d walk around enjoying the sights, and free side shows like the Righteous Bros., Fats Domino & more. One memorable evening was spent watching all the beautiful girls entering to see Elvis “The King” at Harvey’s – especially after the show? We lasted a year in Lake Tahoe, but we never forgot the friendships, awesome scenery and the great adventure that it was.

We moved back to San Diego CA in ‘71. Rick returned to college and become a registered geologist. I was a freelance artist and together we created a © logo for our home town of OB. The logo was a seagull in flight between the letters O & B, representing the freedom our unique town was known for. It turned out to be successful and has been seen around the world, carried by OB travelers. The logo was adopted by the community and The Merchants Association, who produced five metal directional signs to guide visitors.